Creating the powerpoint slides

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Creating the PowerPoint slides
Create an outline from your topics and from the outline, develop aPowerPoint presentation that contains at least 10 slides.
• Use PowerPoint features such as:
o Decorative WordArt, SmartArt with text, Shape with text or picture, correct spelling
• Use transitions on all slides and Animation on at least 1 object and 1 text area.
• Use at least 4 or more different styles of slide layouts.
• Remember only 7 lines per slide, no more than 7 words on each line (7X7 rule)

Organizingyour slides

1. Slide 1- (Title Slide)Introduction.
a. Tell everyone about yourself and explain your research and why you're interested in your chosen career.
2. Slide 2- Outline of topics you're going to discuss.
3. Slide 3-7-(Body)
a. Career path information
b. Reasons for your career choice and career background
c. The educational requirements for your career
d. Pay range available for career field. (Three different regions of the country following the instructions as stated on item (1b above)
e. Note: Each slide should provide supporting information and examples.
4. Slide 8 - 9 (Summary)
a. The student will present a conclusion or final statement that summarizes how you think or feel about your chosen career.
b. Anything appropriate you want your audience to remember.
5. Slide 10 -(References) must be in MLA format

Reference no: EM13724525


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