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Consider the task of verifying that a serial binary communication channel is operating correctly when all blocks of 0's are of even length, and all blocks of 1 are of odd length.

Design a Mealy Machine that produces an output of 1 whenever a discrepancy in the above pattern is detected, and produces an output of 0 otherwise.

(a) Define the Mealy Machine as a 6-tuple (Q,Σ,?,δ,ε,q0-where q is a non-empty set of states,Σ is the input alphabet, ? is the output alphabet,δ:QxΣ→Q,and ε: QxΣ→?)and define each component of the tuple.
(b) Give the states meaningful names.
(c) Show the transition functions as a diagram and as tables.
(d) Explain how the machine works.
(e) Give some examples to show that it works as specified.

Reference no: EM1370410


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