Impact of moore-s law on data center costs

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Moore's law suggests that technology improves every 2 years. Use the library or Internet, and research Moore's law and its application to data center maintenance and upgrading.

Assignment Guidelines

Write a 2-3 page memo in Microsoft Word for your CIO. Include the following in your memo:
Provide a summary of Moore's law.

Discuss the impact of Moore's law on data center costs on such things as servers and communications equipment.
List at least 3 steps or recommendations your data center can take to offset some or all of the effect of Moore's law on your data center over the next 6 years.

Reference any sources that you used in APA format.A 2-3 page memo to your CIO that addresses Moore's law and the issues of data center equipment maintenance versus equipment upgrades.

Reference no: EM1353243

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