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On June 26, 2004, Elaine purchased and placed into service a new computer system costing $8,000. The computer system was used 80 percent for business and 20 percent for personal use in both 2004 and 2005. Elaine claimed only regular MACRS depreciation. In 2006, the computer system was used 45 percent for business and 55 percent for personal use.


Compute the depreciation deduction for the computer system in 2006 and the cost recovery recapture.

Assume that in 2004, Elaine had instead expensed under Section 179 the cost of the computer system. Compute the cost recovery recapture in 2006.

Reference no: EM13141268

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Compute the depreciation deduction : Compute the depreciation deduction for the computer system in 2006 and the cost recovery recapture. Assume that in 2004, Elaine had instead expensed under Section 179 the cost of the computer system. Compute the cost recovery recapture in 2006.
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