Compare to the output of the calculator to actual survives

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Compare to the output of the calculator to actual survives that's been conducted on building that's used renewables energy in Ireland to ensure the quality of work.

To compare of the theoretical output to the practical output considering many aspects of the design of the system. Taking into account the current laws and regulations of placing those systems.

The comparison between the survives have been done in building is not higher than 5% as error percentage. The out come will be analysis.

Develop more calculator modes for the user and to consider broader industrial application of renewable system.

The Project Theses That I'm looking for completely defren the project on attachments which mean as a new one except the excel prog.

Student Requirements

Students must manage the process as well as the content of the project. This means that they must provide their supervisor with plans and ongoing reports as to the progress of their projects. These plans and reports must be compiled and submitted in a ‘Project Log'. The project log should be submitted as a separate folder, accompanying the final report in semester 2. See below for a student activities calendar. Any failure to meet student requirements during the course of the project will be reflected in the final marks.

Students are advised to familiarise themselves with the marking structure and particularly with the weight of marks assigned to continuous assessment. Note that the modules Project 1 and Project 2 are independently assessed and marked. See below for the marking structure. Note that students are also required to electronically submit their project work through Moodle for marking. The presence of their work on Moodle will be used to track each student's compliance with the submission schedule.

An important issue for students to understand is that they need to take responsibility for their projects. A student who ‘takes ownership' of their project and ‘drives' it will inevitably receive a better result than one who attempts to simply join the dots and come to a conclusion. A common misperception is that the student completes a project under the direction of a supervisor. This is incorrect. Rather the student drives the project forward, with the supervisor facilitating this process. If you have questions about this, raise them with your supervisor, or during the introductory lectures.

For many students, project work will take place in ETRC1, the Engineering Technology Research Centre, or project lab (located in the Industrial Estate). Each supervisor will attend this lab for at least one hour per week (although students will have access to this lab in the presence of different supervisors for other hours). Students should be aware that each of the Project 1 and Project 2 modules has the same number of credits as other modules. This indicates that they should attend the lab for at least 4 hours per week, and that extensive further self-directed work will be required outside of these hours. This is in line with the work load expected on other modules. Students working on industry-based projects should also consider their schedules and workloads in terms of this benchmark.

Please note that at the end of the year, any work the students have done will remain in WIT.

4.1 Student Activities

The student is required to perform several activities, including (see schedule below for due dates in terms of week number):

1. The prompt provision of a project charter document. This should include details of project title, client, contact details, objectives, schedule and so forth. An outline project charter document is provided at the end of this document.

2. Industrial Placement presentation.

3. Academic Poster presentation (electronic in Semester 1; hard copy in Semester 2).

4. The provision of an anticipated Table of Contents of the final report.

5. The provision of a completed Introductory Chapter of the final report.

6. The provision of a completed Literature Review chapter of the final report.

7. Maintenance of a Project Log. The Project Log must be submitted at the end of the year in addition to the project report. The Project Log should not be part of the project report, but as a folder separate to it.

8. Participation is required in project meetings convened during the semesters by the project supervision committee, where project progress will be discussed in a team environment. At these meetings students will present summaries of their plans and progress, and be prepared to discuss progress in terms of their project charters and project logs.

9. The provision of two typed and soft-bound copies of a final report on their project, which must be reach their supervisor by end of week 10 in semester 8. Project logs must be returned with the project reports.

10. Students must present their work in formal presentations to their supervisor and any other appropriate people, including course board members, clients, etc. Date of presentations to be arranged (likely dates are in week 12 of each semester). The presentations in April often form part of a larger Undergraduate Research Conference. Particularly at the end of Project 2, it is likely that the student will have some work to demonstrate. This demonstration - if it is not feasible to perform as part of the Undergraduate Research Conference (for example, if the piece of equipment is large or requires facilities) - will be facilitated the week prior to the final presentation. Any requirements for this facility must be flagged by individual students to their supervisor in advance of the presentation.

Attachment:- Mechanical Manufacturing Eng.rar

Reference no: EM131030579

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