Compare time complexity of convolution with kernel

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1- Compare the time complexity of convolution with a n x n kernel when using:

(a) direct convolution with the 2-D mask, and

(b) a separable kernel.

2- Prove the following properties of the Gaussian function,

(a) Symmetry: G(x) = G(-x)

(b) Product of two Gaussians is a Gaussian: G1(x) xG2(x)= G(x)

3- Generate the mask for 255xÑ2G(x, y), for  = 1. Truncate all the mask values to the nearest integer (Hint: 1- Write a program. 2-Ñ2 is the Laplacian Operator).

Reference no: EM1357219

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Compare time complexity of convolution with kernel : Compare the time complexity of convolution with a n x n kernel when using: direct convolution with the 2-D mask, and separable kernel.
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