Comparative industry analysis

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Comparative Industry analysis

I have to compare Cell Phone Industries, Pharmaceuticals and Municipal government in an industry analysis. This only has to be 3 -4 pages so I don't need to go to deep into it. I just need to know what I am doing.

Write a one to two paragraph synopsis of occupational and labor market outlook for each.

Summarize the types of organizations typically represented in each industry-size, location, organizational structure, and any other factors that clearly indicate the features of organizations typical in this industry.

Which firms are noted as dominant and influential organizational players in each selected industry

Conduct an environmental scan to identify HR trends relevant to each industry.

Identify industry projections of total employment and unemployment in each industry and relevant economic and legal conditions impacting HR and staffing within each industry.

Identify some unique staffing challenges being experienced in each industry now and forecasted to be of concern in the short term of two or three years.

Identify an employer of choice (EOC) in each industry. Why is this employer recognized as an EOC?

Include and integrate at least five recent and industry-relevant, peer-reviewed sources.

Reference no: EM1334883

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