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Using data in chart 6-11 calculate a moving average forecast for months 4 through 12 using weights of 3, 5,9 What is the MAD for this forecast?

Using data in chart 6-11 calculate a 3-month moving average forecast for month 12.

Time period actual rates $000
1 $445
2 478
3 525
4 660
5 570
6 600
7 632
8 648
9 690
10 725
11 750

Using the same data calculate the slope, the intercept, write the regression equation, calculate the regression forecast for month 25

Using the data below create a pro forma balance sheet using the percentage of sales method. If net income next year is $50,000 how much did the owner take out of the business and what is the profit margin for next year.


Reference no: EM1351330


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