Calculate the hi and the elevation of point x

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If a plus sight of 1.097 m is taken on BM A, elevation 312.547 m, and a minus sight of 0.832 m is read on point x, calculate the HI and the elevation of point x.

Reference no: EM13319447

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Which material will be cheaper if you want factor of safety : A structural tension member of 10 ft. long with a square cross-section is subjected to a load of 120,000 lb. There is a choice between an aluminum alloy and structural steel, with the following information given for each.
Determine the angle of twist of gears a and c : The 60mm diameter shaft ABC is supported by two journal bearings, while the 80mm diameter shaft EH is fixed at E and supported by a journal bearing at H. If T1= 2 kN*m and T2= 4 kN*m
Explain ha is a weak monoprotic acid : If 67.0 mL of 0.119 mol/L NaOH(aq) and 35.0 mL of 0.193 mol/L HA(aq) are mixed, then what is [HA] at equilibrium? Assume that HA is a weak monoprotic acid with pKa=6.23 at 25oC.
One of the scarce resources that constrain our behavior is : How do you go about weighing the alternatives? Once you choose a most important use of time, why do you not spend all your time on it? Use the notion of opportunity cost in your answer.
Calculate the hi and the elevation of point x : If a plus sight of 1.097 m is taken on BM A, elevation 312.547 m, and a minus sight of 0.832 m is read on point x, calculate the HI and the elevation of point x.
What is the angular acceleration of the rod : A rod of length l and uniform mass m is hinged at its lower end while it was held at rest in a vertical position. What is the angular acceleration of the rod during the fall for a given theta
Determine stress in member immediately after load is applied : You are analyzing a polymer uniaxial tension member used in a lightweight structure. The bottom of the tension member is fixed and the top has a tensile force F = 10,000 pounds on it.
What is the stress in the copper cube : A cube of copper with each edge having the dimension 12.7 mm, is put in a vise and squeezed by a force of 215 N exerted by either side of the vise. What is the stress in the copper cube
A decrease in aggregate supply, with no change in aggregate : Assume that (a) the price level is flexible upward but not downward and (b) the economy is currently operating at its full-employment output. Other things equal,how will each of the following affect the equilibrium price level and equilibrium level o..


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what is the definition of critical state. explain at which stage a critical state may be approached in a drained triaxial text on a overconsolidated clay using stress path and strain-strain plot.

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A geothermal power uses hot water (185oF) as a heat source and the cold water from a close by lake (60oF) as a heat sink. The basic operating system is a close loop ammonia efficiency of the cycle that powers turbine-driven electric generator (100..

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Consider a 75-ft wide overflow spillway with no piers and a design head of 18 ft. The crest elevation of the spillway is 2400 ft and the streambed elevation just upstream of the spillway is 2350 ft.

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The river characteristics just upstream of the wastewater discharge are: flow = 7.5 m3/s, BOD = 5.5 mg/L, DO = 90% of saturation, and temperature = 25oC. For this water, kd = 0.18 d-1 and kr = 0.22 d-1.

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Additional cost at the end of year 1 = $50,000. Benefit at the end of year 1 = $0. Annual benefits at the end of Years 2-10 = $20,000. Interest Rate = 7%. Conventionally B/C ratio and wheter the project is economically stable.

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