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1. Describe two business sectors you might want to work in if you were an accountant and explain why in 150 to 200 words.

2. Research a specific company in one of the business sectors that interests you and describe how you imagine it might be to work there.

Reference no: EM1358442

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Find the earnings available for common stockholders : At the end of 2005, the Long Life Light Bulb Corporation declared it had produced a gross profit of $1 million. The company has also established that over the course of this year it has incurred $345,000 in operating costs and $125,000 in interest co..
Find the average magnitude of the induced emf : Find the average magnitude of the induced emf if the change. The magnitude of the charge on a parallel plate capacitor is 4uC and the potential difference between the plates is 80V. What is the capacitance of this capacitor.
Inter-organizational linkages and transaction cost theory : Expalin what motivates organizations to form inter-organizational linkages-both formal and informal linkage mechanisms?
Achievement by students with adhd : What are some ways that educators can restructure the classroom and teaching in order to promote better achievement by students with ADHD?
Business sector opportunities for accountants : Describe two business sectors you might want to work in if you were an accountant and explain why in 150 to 200 words.
Review of leadership by teaching : Review of leadership by teaching/coaching utilizing published sources. I have to provide at least five referenced sources in order to develop a four page paper.
Disciplinary action in outsourcing : One of the feel outs of globalization has been the outsourcing of work from one employer to another, and sometimes from one country to another.
Regulation and uniform cpa examination : Review the educational and experience requirements to sit for the Uniform CPA Examination published by the Board of Accountancy for the State in which you intent to pursue licensure, in addition to licensure and continuing professional education r..
Calculate the monthly savings : Son will start college in five years. Expect college to cost $10,000 per quater, each quaters cost will be payable in advance, & he will attend college all year long. Expect him to complete college in five years.


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  Pursuit of all self interest in contract

With that said, is pursuit of ALL self interest in contract unethical? If not, at what point does it become unethical?

  Inception of lease

On January 1, 2013, Winn Heat Transfer leased office space under the 3 year operating lease agreement. The arrangement specified 3 annual rent payments of $80,000 each, starting January 1, 2013, the inception of lease

  Prepare the adjusting entries for independent case

Make the required end-of-period adjusting entries for each independent case listed below.

  Determining expenses on vacations

During 2012, Harry, a self-employed accountant, travels from Kansas City to Miami for a 1-week business trip.

  Expected returns on assets and certainty equivalent

What is the expected return of this asset? What is Esperanza's expected utility? What is her certainty equivalent? Suppose that Esperanza can purchase insurance that guarantees her a return of $4900 regardless of the return on the asset.

  Historic cost and alternative measurement base

Historic cost should be replaced by an alternative measurement base in order to make financial statement more useful. Critically discuss this statement, concluding with whether or not you agree with it.

  Determining operating cash flow

Find out the operating cash flow (OCF) for Kleczka, Inc., based upon the following data. (All values are in thousands of dollars.)

  Standards and materiality

If the standards are set in a process that often results in compromise between different parties, do the qualities of accounting information provide much value? How?

  Short term financial policy

Short Term Financial Policy

  Fasb-current assets-prepaid expenses

What is the formal definition in the glossary of the term "Current Assets?" Provide one drill-down reference from the Master Glossary for where the term "Current Assets" is used in the Codification.

  Continuous cycle-managerial accounting

Define planning, organizing, and controlling and then explain why the phases of planning, organizing, and controlling are referred to as a continuous cycle?

  Bond transaction journal entries

On the first day of the current fiscal year, $1,500,000 of 10-year, 8% bonds, with interest payable semiannually, were sold for $1,225,000. Present entries to record the following transactions for the current fiscal year:

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