Assume clients request that their tax return preparation

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Section 267 of the IRC disallows a deduction on losses realized on the sale of property and a deduction for accrued expenses between a corporation and a controlling shareholder. GAAP does not include this disallowance provision. Create an argument for allowing a loss on a sales transaction between a controlled corporation and shareholder when the transaction includes an independent appraisal and the loss is similar to losses incurred in arm's length transactions. Provide an example to support your argument.

Suppose clients request that their tax return preparation include the loss on the sales transaction identified between the controlling shareholder and corporation, as described in Part 1 of this discussion. Analyze the potential impact and required disclosures resulting from the inclusion on the financial statements and the tax return of the corporation. Examine the implications of the uncertain tax position in this situation on the requirements of Circular 230 and the Statements on Tax Standards (SSTS).

Reference no: EM13391697

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