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Case Guidance Questions:  Case 5: Six Sigma Implementation at Maple Leaf Foods

1.   General:

a.   Remember to situate relevant parts of your analysis in terms of the fundamental teaching objectives of the course: The role of OM & its relationship with other bus functions, & the use of OM tools & approaches to design systems and to plan & co-ordinate operations within the organization.

b.   In analyzing the case, ask yourself: What is the problem? Why is this a problem? What are the decision options? What are the implications or consequences of these different options?(Remembering that the problem and/or important aspects of the situation may not be as perceived or as described by the principals in the case).

2.   Some specific questions to stimulate your thoughts:

  • What is the problem? Why is this a problem? What are the decision options? What are the implications or consequences of these different options?
  • What are some of the key requirements for six Sigma success? Are these present at Maple Leaf and/or at Rivermede?
  • What has the role or purpose of six Sigma been at Maple leaf foods?
  • Have previous six Sigma projects at Maple Leaf, and at Rivermede been successful? Why or why not?
  • Is Six Sigma @ the Edge the logical next project for Rivermede?
  • Is Maple Leaf and/o Rivermede ready for this implementation? If not: Why not, Can it be fixed, & How?
  • What concerns are other front-line workers Rivermede likely to have about this implementation? What can or should Tony do about these?
  • What concerns or fears should Tony have about this implementation? What answers and assurances should he seek from Louann? What specifically should he try to put in place if or as he decides to implement Six Sigma at Rivermede ?

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Reference no: EM1346752

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