Analysis of business ethics

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Analysis of Business Ethics

Directions: Write a five (5) page paper on Business Ethics which addresses one of the fact patterns shown below. You should state a conclusion, support your conclusion with facts, use ethical analysis in supporting your conclusion, anticipate the counterargument, and rebut the counterargument.


You are the officer of a company that is dumping waste pursuant to a valid EPA permit. Your company discovers that the waste could still be harmful. Discuss the ethical consideration of providing this information to WikiLeaks.

You are a non-public company that has customers that are public companies. Each of these companies must now report any Conflict Materials that they use in their products. Conflict Materials are certain minerals that are mined by warlords in Africa to finance violent activities. The cost to implement a program to identify Conflict Materials is in the millions. You are not required to report Conflict Materials. Do you implement a program to identify Conflict Materials.

You have a business in Connecticut that keeps personal information about its customers. Your computers have been hacked by the group Anonymous. You believe Anonymous has your customer's information. You are not required to report the breach to your customers. You estimate that notification and potential lawsuits will cost you millions. Do you notify your customers of the breach.


5 Pages

Reference no: EM1319120

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