All of the subsequent are physical resources except

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Question 1 All of the subsequent are physical resources EXCEPT

• raw materials

• a robotic welder

• labour used in production

• an inventory of finished goods

• an office building

Question 2 In Florida a vacationer could select from over 200 timeshare resorts. In Vermont, the select is limited to 15. A resort in Vermont has

• The power of buyers

• The power of suppliers

• The threat of new entrants

• Competitive rivalry

• The competitive advantage

Question 3 Which of the subsequent is the MOST important action that top managers can take to promote ethical behaviour?

• Lobby for legislation dealing with ethics

• Adhere to ethical standards themselves

• Punish those who are unethical

• Establish organizational policies

• Establish a fair performance appraisal system

Question 4 Which of the subsequent is the type of economy most countries in the world are striving to attain?

• Mature market economy

• Industrializing economy

• Communist economy

• Developing market economy

• Command economy

Question 5 Planning is the process by which managers classify alternative courses of action that the organization might follow if various conditions arise

• Strategic

• Standard

• Contingency

• Integrative

• Goal optimization

Question 6 Jay wants to start a fresh business. With which of the subsequent methods of starting a new business will he pay a share of the income from the business in return for the use of such things as trademarks and business formulas?

• Venture capitalism

• Franchising

• Buying an existing business whose purchase price includes goodwill

• Starting a new business with loans from the SBA

• Industrial revenue sharing

Question 7 Is defined as clear as well as distinct lines of authority among all positions in an organization.



Chain of command

Span of management


Question 8 The _____ requires disbursement of overtime to employees who work more than 40 hours per week.

Equal Pay Act

Workmen's Compensation Act

Fair Labor Standards Act

National Labor Relations Act (Wagner Act)

Labor-Management Relations Act (Taft-Hartley Act)

Question 9 Throughout which stage of group development do members try out various forms of behaviour in an attempt to test the waters and see what will be acceptable in the group?






Question 10 The basic purpose of control is

To cope with organizational complexity

To adapt to environmental changes

To minimize costs

To limit the accumulation of error

All of the above 

Reference no: EM133493


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