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Given a business scenario that requires the use of healthcare information technology, analyze, evaluate, and recommend a healthcare application systems solution.

Such solutions include but are not limited to: electronic medical records, patient care systems, patient monitoring systems, pharmacy systems, imaging solutions, physician practices, laboratory systems, surgical information systems, and clinical decision support/decision-making systems.

Submit the research findings (your literature review) on possible solutions to address the business problem (50 points). This partial yet major submission covers your research findings.

This section should indicate at least three possible solutions to the problems, issues, or opportunities. Discuss the articles you read and the three options identified as possible solutions to the business problem faced by the organization.

The advantages and disadvantages of each solution should be discussed against a set of weighted objectives; support from current literature is expected. In addition, please include your References page, listing the references identified in your research (minimum of seven).

Reference no: EM13280077

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