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Tammy was just alerted that her new project team is part of the new matrix structure the company she works for has started to roll out. Tammy is a little uncertain about what this new matrix structure will mean for her, as she will likely now have two bosses: one traditional department boss, and a new project boss she needs to get to know. Tammy knew that you had some exposure to matrix structures in your education and has reached out to you to inquire as to what to expect.

Discuss what types of things Tammy should be aware of and should get comfortable with as part of this new structure. Knowing that Tammy is an Idealist personality type, discuss your thoughts on how this might also affect her adjustment to this new reporting structure. Finally, include at least on e example of a matrix team you have either been part of or that you have researched and how the structure impacted the individuals to give Tammy a better sense of what to look out for here. After posting your initial thoughts pick one initial post you agree with and one initial post you disagree with and respond with your reasons for agreement or disagreement on these in detail.

Reference no: EM131032137


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