A lawyer allocates overhead costs based on his hours

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A lawyer allocates overhead costs based on his hours working with different clients. the lawyer expects to have $200,000 in overhead during the year and expects to work on clients cases 2,000 hours during the year. in addition he wants to pay himself $50 per hour for working with clients. the lawyer however does not bill all of his clients based on covering overhead and his own salary. Some clients pay her on contingency fees. If the lawyer works with a client on a contingency fee basis, the lawyer receives half of any settlement for his clients. during the year the lawyer works 1,200 hours that are billable to clients. the remaining hours are worked on a contingency basis. the lawyer wins $3000,000 in settlements for his clients of which he receives half. Actual overhead was $210,000,
What does the lawyer earn during the year after expenses ?

Reference no: EM13594748


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