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Electrical Engineering deals with design, operations, maintenance of machine and their mechanisms components, machine tools, manufacturing systems and process, component of thermal power systems involves internal combustion engines and turbo machinery , heat transfer, solar energy ,Air conditioning & Refrigeration, industrial engineering that involves production and planning control.

Electrical engineering is a subject which deals with electronics, electrical power, generation of energy and similar such technologies, on the other hand, electronics engineering deals with electronic devices, behavior and study of electrons in different conditions, electronic systems and so on. Any electronics engineering operation would require electrical power as a driving force, whereas electrical engineering is incomplete without the study of electrons included in it. Electrical engineering is a field of engineering that generally deals with the study and application of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism in our daily life. Electrical engineering, a blend of what is now called electrical, electronics and communication, instrumentation; computer engineering etc. is the largest of all engineering disciplines. The four important branches of electrical engineering are power, communications, electronics and control systems. In a broader spectrum, this field covers a range of sub-disciplines including those that deal with power, optoelectronics, digital electronics, analogue electronics, artificial intelligence, control systems, electronics, signal processing and telecommunications.

Electrical engineering also deals with the problems which are associated with large-scale electrical systems such as power generation, transmission and motor control. It includes the design and building of electronic circuits based on the flow of charge or electrons through different materials. Electrical engineers are generally concerned with using electricity to transmit energy.

Electricity, since its invention, has become the basic need for survival at every point. From households to industrial plants, communication and satellite navigation systems, electronic equipments, computers etc., everything requires electricity. This explains why electrical engineering which deals with study and application of electrical systems is so widely applicable in each and every aspect of our daily life. Virtually every industry needs electrical engineers, so employment opportunities are ample for a student who does well.

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