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Computer Aided Design - CAD

The use of computer technology when undertaken for the process of design as well as well as design documentation is called computer added design or computer aided design and drafting. By suing the CADD software and environments, the user gets equipped with the input tools which are necessary for the streamlining the design processes as well as their documentation, drafting and other manufacturing processes. Electronic files for machining processes and the print form the output of CAD. CAD based software is produced in direct correlation with the processes they seek to economize. For example, the industry based software for industries like construction and manufacturing uses vector based or linear environments. In contrast, the graphic based software uses the theater based pixilated environment.

The output of CAD should have dimensions more than just shape providence. It must also be able to convey information on materials, processes, tolerances and dimensions, which must be specific to application specific conventions. CAD is used to design surfaces, solids figures and curves in both two dimensional as well as three dimensional forms of solids.

CAD is on of the major driving forces behind the research in various areas and discipline like computer graphics (hardware as well as software), computational geometry and the discrete differential geometry. Increased use of estimation studies for various activities along with increased usage of industrial art (which is now more extensively used in a lot more number of applications), the CAD applications have increased application in industrial areas like automotive, shipbuilding, aerospace industries, prosthetics, industrial and agricultural design and many more. Some new areas of CAD application include computer animation for special effects in movies, technical and advertising manuals etc.

With the computers getting more powerful day by day and their ubiquity increasing, even the perfume bottles and shampoo dispensers which are designed today use advance techniques which were unheard of a few decades back.

The CAD software packages ranges from 2 d vector based drafting systems to 3d surface and solid modelers. The modern CAD packages allow viewing of a moving object from any desired angle, with operations displayed in three dimensions. The CAD software which is capable of dynamic mathematical modeling is CADD.

Applications and uses of CAD

1. CAD is used increasingly for drafting individual tools and machineries as well as drafting and designing of all types of buildings. The building designed could range from small residential houses to large industrial and commercial structures like factories and hospital.

2. Through using CAD, it is possible to do detailed engineering of 3d and 2d drawings of physical components. It is also used in conceptual designing of engineering processes and layout of products and can also design objects.

4. CAD has some major benefits like lower product development costs along with lesser time involved with a greatly shortened design cycle. Through CAD, the designers can design a layout and work on screen itself. The labor/design could then be printed out and saved for future editing, as they might have been lost on their drawings.

5. CAD is used in product life cycle management process, as a part of the process of digital product development. It is used in conjugation with other tools such as computer aided engineering, computer aided manufacturing, photo realistic rendering, product data management etc.

6. CAD is often used for the creation of accurate photo stimulations, which are required in the preparation of environmental impact reports.

8. CAD features are used by engineers for measurement of tensile strength, stress and strain, yield strength and the effect of temperature on various elements.

Technology used in CAD

The original software of computer added design systems was developed using computer languages such as FORTRAN. But with the advancement of objects oriented programming methods, the new and modern freedom surface systems and parametric feature based modelers are used which are built around a number of key C modules. They have their own API’s. The CAD system is built from the interaction of a graphical user interface with nurbs geometry while having a boundary representation data provided through a geometric modeling kernel. The geometry constraining engine employed is used to manage the associative relationships which occur between geometry for example, for components in an assembly or in wireframe geometry. From these associative relationships new form of prototyping have been produced which are termed as digital prototyping. As of now CD systems are available for all major platforms like windows, UNIX, Linux and Mac OS X. Multiple packages are also supported by certain platforms. For the interface between human and machine, a computer mouse is used which can also be replaced by a pen and digitizing graphics tablet. The space mouse or space ball is used for doing manipulation on screen in viewing objects. Various type of CAD includes the lower 2d systems, the 3d wireframe, the 3d dumb and 3d parametric solid modeling etc.