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In Financial Accounting we prepare various financial statements which include Balance Sheets, Income Statement of Profit or Loss Account, Statement of Cash flows or Statement of Retained Earnings. In the preparations of the above all financial statements, every transaction of statements has to be recorded in Journal books, ledger accounts and these accounts are called as the T-Accounts or the final balance of the account is the Trial Balance. The most common method of accounting that is used in the transactions is the double-entry system of recording. The above financial statements, sheets give a picture about an specific organization’s financial or overall performance that is useful not only to the Company but also it is useful for it’s outsiders like investors, creditors etc. This financial accounting is required for submitting annual reports to the tax authorities or to the public as a rule thus, it is very significant.

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Financial Accounting important topics are

1. Book-Keeping- Preparation of Journals.
2. Introduction to the Financial Accounting or GAAP principles.
3. Ledger Accounts and Trial Balance.
4. Financial Statements – Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Statement of Retained Earnings, Statement of Owner’s Equity and Statement of Cash flows.
5. Partnership Accounting.
6. Sole Proprietorship Accounting
7. Corporate Accounting
8. Banking & Insurance Accounting
9. Holding & Subsidiary Companies Accounting
10. Matching principles & other principles.
11. Cash Vs Accrual system of accounting
12. Financial Analysis and Tools of Financial Analysis

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