Write short notes on partnering, Business Management


Write short notes on partnering?

a) Three broad categories of relationships(Adversarial, Barometric, Complementary)

b) Goals of partnership(Reduction in waste , Shortening of lead times ,Reduction in cost, Improvement in quality , Continuous improvement of product and process, Simplification of process)

c) Key requirements for successful partnerships: -any five of the following

  • common shared vision and goals
  • seek and adopt mutually beneficial practices
  • parties involved understand each other's needs
  • Communication is the centre piece upon which a relationship is built
  • understanding that each of the partners has unique sets of capabilities
  • support of the top management - senior management and executive support - is crucial to ensure the success of the partnership
  • require more than information sharing
  • technology that organisations can achieve true integration and collaboration
  • Networking
  • Using networks and business referrals enable an organisation to quickly establish credibility with clients and vendors
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