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Q. Why we use Debugger?

Debugger is a program which allows the user to test as well as debug the object file.  Theuser can use this program to perform subsequent functions. 

  • Make alterations in the object code.
  • Inspect and modify the contents of memory.
  • Set breakpoints and execute a segment of the program and display register contentsafter execution.
  • Trace execution of specified segment of program and display memory and register contents after the execution of every instruction.
  • Disassemble a segment of the program it implies to convert the object code in source code or mnemonics.

In brief to run an assembly program you might need your computer: 

  • A word processor such as notepad
  • TASM, MASM or Emulator
  • LINK.EXE it can be involved in assembler
  • DEBUG.COM for debugging if need to be.


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