Why conserve wild life ?, Biology



(i) Plants -

(ii) Animals -

(iii) Micro organisms -


Disappearance of any link in food chain may upset nature's balance. e.g. destruction of snakes will increase population of rats.

3.       GENE BANK -

Plant and animal breeders select useful genes by screening a wide range of their wild relative.

In other words new improved varities of crops and useful animals are derived from their wild relatives by genetic modifications.

This indicates the need for protecting wild life for breeding programmes in agriculture, horticulture, apiculture, sericulture, lac culture, floriculture, animal husbandry, piggery, poultry and fishery.


Animals provide a good support in their habitat to the hunters, and a good deal of fun in circus show, national park & in aquarium.


New medicines are tested first on animals. Similarly new surgical techniques are first tried on animals.


Green forest, beautiful flowers, graceful beasts, song birds, colourful fishes, birds & butterfies provide grandear to the biosphere.


Wild life is a cultural asset of a country.

It inspires poets and artists to compose poem and songs and to make painting & sculpture.

Nature also inspires photography, animals have contributed to many proverb (crocodile tears, bussy as bee, dead as dodo).

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