What search method would be most appropriate and why, Computer Engineering

(a) Describe fully in your own words the following terms:

(i) Turing Test
(ii) Agent
(iii) Utility-based agent

(b) A Mars rover has to leave the lander, collect rock samples from three places and return to the lander.

Consider that it has a navigation module that can take it directly from any place of interest to any other place of interest. So it has primitive actions: go-to-lander, go-to-rock-1, go-to-rock-2 and go-to-rock-3.

We know the time it takes to traverse between each pair of special locations. Our goal is to search a sequence of actions that will perform this task in the shortest amount of time.

(i) Formulate this problem as a search problem by specifying the state space, initial state, path-cost function and goal test. Try to be sure that the state space is detailed enough to support solving the problem but not redundant.

(ii) Say what search method would be most appropriate and why.

(iii) One possible heuristic evaluation function for a state would be the amount of time required for the robot to go back to the lander from the location of the state. Is this function admissible?

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