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Q. What is Diamond Crossing?

Diamond Crossing is provided when two tracks cross each other either of the same gauge or of different gauges. It consists of two acute crossing ( A and C ) and two abtuse crossing (B & D) a typical diamond crossing consisting of two tracks of the same gauge crossing each other is shown in the fig.

2209_What is Diamond Crossing.png

In the layout ABCD is a rhombus having all the four sides equal the length of various constituents may be calculated as follows -

EB = DF = GN , AB = BC = G cosec α , Diagonal AC = G cosec α / 2 ,

Diagonal BD = G sec α / 2 , Where α = Angle of Crossing. G = Gauge ,N = Number of Crossing.

It would be seen from the layout that the length of the gap at points B & D increases as the angle of crossing decreases. Longer gaps increase the chances of wheels taking two roads on the Indian Railways flattest diamond permitted for BG and MG is 1 in 8 ½.

Along with diamond crossing single or double slips may also be provided to allow the vehicles to pass from one track to another track.

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