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Q. What are the problems in the job analysis?

Lack of support from top management: in most cases support from top management is missing. They refuse to appropriately describe what an employee is supposed to do in the company creating confusion in the minds of the employees. The top management should make it clear to all employees that their full the honest participation is extremely important for the process.

Signal method: all too often, job analyst relies on the only one of the methods when a combination of two or more methods might provide a better idea.

Lack of training / motivation: job holders are a great source of information about the job, but they are not trained or motivated to generate quality data for the job analysis. Further, the job holders are rarely made aware of the importance of the data and are never rewarded for providing accurate data.

Distortion of activities: when training or preparedness does not exist. Job holders tend to support distorted data, either intentionally or inadvertently. Another reason for the negative attitude is the feeling that "as long as some does not know precisely what I am supposed to be doing, I am safe".

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