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what is mean by virtual reality?

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Image classification, The image classification is the process to categorize...

The image classification is the process to categorize images into one of several classes or categories. In this project, there are seven categories (Piano, Kangaroo, Strawberry, Su

What is the standard video workflow, QUESTION 1. You are a consultant i...

QUESTION 1. You are a consultant in the field of video production and video editing. You haven been requested to participate in a debate over analog and digital video. Write

Explain what is the bleed and its purposes, QUESTION (a) Name the space...

QUESTION (a) Name the spaces and guides in the Figure below                 (b) What is the difference between Pantone and Process colors? Elaborate (c) Explain what i

How does resolution of a system influence graphic display, 1. How does the...

1. How does the resolution of a system influence graphic display? Ans. In a high resolution system the adjacent pixels are so near spaced such approximated line-pixels lie extr

Illumination model - polygon rendering & ray tracing methods, Illumination ...

Illumination Model - Polygon rendering and ray tracing methods Theoretically illumination is exposure of a thing to the light that contributes to light reflected by an object

Types of authoring tools in multimedia, Types of Authoring Tools Autho...

Types of Authoring Tools Authoring tools are grouped depends on metaphor used for sequencing or organizing multimedia components and events as: Page or Card Based Tools

Filling algorithm, Analise floodfill algirithm & boundryfillalgorithim

Analise floodfill algirithm & boundryfillalgorithim

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