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Q. Consider a system containing only NH4Cl(s), NH3(g), and HCl(g). Assume that the equilibrium NH4Cl(s) ⇔ NH3(g), and HCl(g) exists.

(a) Suppose you prepare the system by placing solid NH4Cl in an evacuated flask and heating to 400K. Use the phase rule to decide whether you can vary the pressure while both phases remain in equilibrium at 400K.

(b) According to the phase rule, if the system is not prepared as described in part (a) could you vary the pressure while both phases remain in equilibrium at 400K? Explain.

(c) Rationalize your conclusions for these two cases on the basis of the thermodynamic equilibrium constant. Assume that the gas phase is an ideal gas mixture and use the approximate expression K = pNH3 pHCl / (p0)2.


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