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fe is a non stoichiometric compound

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Atoms and molecules, name the smallest element that has all properties of a...

name the smallest element that has all properties of an element

Actinium and the actinides, ACTINIUM AND THE ACTINIDES Following actini...

ACTINIUM AND THE ACTINIDES Following actinium (group 3) are the 14 components of the actinide series (represented by the symbol An) combined with progressive filling of the 5

Will benzylic halide undergo sn1 or sn2 mechanism?why?, Benzylic halide fol...

Benzylic halide follows sn1 mechanism always...............the order of halides going sn1 rxn is BENZYL>ALLYL>TERTIARY>SECONDARY>PRIMARY>METHYL beacause of stability, benzyl & ally

Explain cycloaddition reaction, This cycloaddition reaction involves sixtee...

This cycloaddition reaction involves sixteen electrons; hence, it must be suprafacial on one component and antarafacial on the other.  Thus, it must be a [14s + 2a] or a [14a + 2s]

Assignment, assignments of hydrogen bonding

assignments of hydrogen bonding

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