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i need help in my Engineering graphic assignment

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Soft Image and Strata Studio - Computer Animation SoftImage It is the one of most well known computer animation software packages. It is used in several top production

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Define Computer graphics.  Computer graphics remains one of the most popular and rapidly growing computer fields. Computer graphics may be explained as a pictorial representati

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Numerical Analysis Packages: generally utilized software is: MatLab. Characteristics: Focus generally on numeric processing. Programming with mathematical skills usuall

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Education - applications for computer animation Currently, studies of subjects as Art, Physics, Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Engineering, Medicine, and Technology are fairly simp

PERT , Program of PERT in c language

Program of PERT in c language

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3D Primitive and Composite Transformations Previously you have studied and implemented 2D geometric transformations for object definitions in two dimensions. These transformati

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Scientific Visualization This is complex for the human brain to create sense out of the large volume of numbers produced through a scientific computation. Statistical and nume

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Write a C-code for an interactive program which allows a user to draw a polygon object in a window and then gives various choices of geometric transformations on the polygon.  Once

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