The Human Inpact on the Environment, Biology

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Name the four organisms which are currently in danger of extinction because of human activities?

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Algae, classificationof algae

classificationof algae

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Q. Can you explain Puffeelfish poisoning? Tetrodotoxin (TTX) causes pufferfish (tetrodon) poisoning, also known as blowfish poisoning or fugu. How does a pufferfish look l

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PURPOSES OF PATIENT's /CLIENT's RECORDS Following purposes are served by maintaining patient's/client's records: A means of communication.  A basis on which therap

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What are infructescences, pseudofruits and parthenocarpic fruits? Infructescences are aggregated fruits created from inflorescences, aggregated flowers. Grape clusters are inst

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Q. What is Chemical disinfection? Chemicals are added to waste to kill or inactivate the pathogens it contains, this treatment usually results in disinfection rather than steri

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What are the Symptoms of Brown-Sequard syndrome Symptoms of Brown-Sequard syndrome usually appear after an affected individual experiences a trauma to the neck or back. First s

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Considering hybridization in a trait like the color of the flowers of a given plant species (red/yellow) conditioned by a pair of different alleles in relation to complete dominanc

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Define Eosin - Methylene Blue (EMB) Agar (Levine) Peptone - 10.0 gm Lactose - 5.0 gm Dipotassium - 2.0 gm Hydrogen Phosphate Agar - 13.5 gm Eosin Y - 0.4 gm M

Define physiological effects of scfa, Define physiological effects of SCFA?...

Define physiological effects of SCFA? The physiological effects of SCFA's can be summarized as follows. They: Lower the ph in the gastrointestinal tract, which in turn r

What are the stages of mitosis, Q. What are the stages of mitosis? Mito...

Q. What are the stages of mitosis? Mitosis involves replication of DNA and its separation into two new daughter cells. Whereas only four phases of mitosis are often listed. Ent

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