Solve the following lpp by graphical method, Operation Research

A company manufactures two types of printed circuits. The requirements of transistors, resistors and capacitor for each type of printed circuits along with other data are given in table.




Stock available (units)



















How many circuits of each type should the company produce from the stock to earn maximum profit.

[Ans. Max Z = 82, 2 units of type A circuit and 9 units of type B circuit]


2. A company making cool drinks has 2 bottling plants located at towns T1 and T2. Each plant produces 3 drinks A, B and C and their production capacity per day is given in the table.

Cool drinks

Plant at












The marketing department of the company forecasts a demand of 80000 bottles of A, 22000 bottles of B and 40000 bottles of C during the month of June. The operating cost per day of plants at T1 and T2 are Rs. 6000 and Rs. 4000 respectively. Find graphically the number of days for which each plants must be run in June so as to minimize the operating cost while meeting the market demand.

[Ans. Min Z = Rs. 88000, 12 days for the plant T1 and 4 days for plant T2]


Solve the following LPP by graphical method

  1. Max Z = 3x1 + 4x2

Subject to

x1 - x2 ≤ -1

-x1+ x2 ≤ 0

x1 ≥ 0 , x2 ≥ 0

[Ans. The problem has no solution]


  1. Max Z = 3x1 + 2x2

Subject to

-2x1 + 3x2 ≤ 9

x1- 5x2 ≥ -20

x1 ≥ 0 , x2 ≥ 0

[Ans. The problem has unbounded solution]


  1. Max Z = 45x1 + 80x2

Subject to

5x1 + 20x2 ≤ 400

10x1+ 15x2 ≤ 450

x1 ≥ 0 , x2 ≥ 0

[Ans. Max Z = 2200, x1 = 24, x2 = 14]

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