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Quantization Error

Sampling followed by quantization is equivalent to quantization followed by sampling. Figure illustrates a message signal f (t) and its quantized version denoted by fq(t). The difference between fq(t) and f (t) is known as the quantization error εq(t),

εq (t) = fq (t) - f(t)

Theoretically, fq(t) can be recovered in the receiver without error. The recovery of fq(t) can be viewed as the recovery of f (t) with an error (or noise) εq(t) present. For a small δv with a large number of levels, it can be shown that the mean-squared value of εq(t) is given by

1894_Show Quantization Error.png

When a digital communication system transmits an analog signal processed by a uniform quantizer, the best SNR that can be attained is given by

2359_Show Quantization Error1.png

where S0 and Nq represent the average powers in f (t) and εq(t), respectively. When f (t) fluctuates symmetrically between equal magnitude extremes, i.e., -|f(t)|max ≤ f(t) ≤ |f(t)|max, choosing a sufficiently large number of levels L, the step size δv comes out as

843_Show Quantization Error2.png

It can be seen that messages with large crest factors will lead to poor performance.

1811_Show Quantization Error3.png

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