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Q. Show Experimental Verification of time Dilation ?

Time dilation is a real effect, it can be verified by making this experiment. (Are created at high attitudes in the earth atmosphere (10 Km) by the fast cosmic ray photons and are projected towards the earth surface with a very high speed of about 0.998 c. μ meson are unstable and decay into electron or positron. The average life time is about 2.0 x 10-6 sec. hence, in this life time μ meson will travel a distance.

But the question arises that how travel a distance of 10 km to reach the earth surface. Its explanation can be given only on the basis of time dilation. Since the average life time of in own frame of reference sec.

In observer's frame of reference in this time the distance travelled by u meson d = t x v = 31.7 x 10-6 x 0.998 x 3 x 10-8

D = 10000 meter = 10 km, this explains the time dilation,

Sol. (b) Given u' relativistic velocity v =

Classically v = u' + v = 0.5 c + 0.9 c = 1.4 c which is impossible because according to special theory of relativity no object can move with a velocity more than the velocity of light.

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