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Q. Show Capital asset pricing model?

This model was developed by the William F Sharpe ( 1990 Nobel prize winner in the economy ) and john linter in 1960. The model attempt to capture market behaviors it is simple in the concept and has real world applicability the model is based on the promise that the systematic risk is attached to a security is the same irrespective risk is attached to in the security in a same irrespective in the any number in the security in the portfolio . the total risk of the portfolio is reduced with the increase in the number of the stock as a results of decrease in the unsystemic risk distribution over number of the stocks in the portfolio this is shown in the figure aside.

A risk adverse investor prefers to the invert the risk free securities a small investor has having few securities has greater total risk. To reduce the risk he must up build up well diversified securities in the portfolio a diversified and balance portfolio of risk, a diversified and balanced portfolio no all securities will bring an investor systematic risk to the leave to the average systemic risk in the stock market as whole. The CAPM is an alternative approach to the problem of measuring the cost of capital. The models attempt to the measure that the return to an investor is made up to the two parts a risk free rate of the interest to which is added a premium for risk is greater. The theory predicts that the expected risk premium for the an individual stock will be proportion to its beta such that

Expected risk premium on a stock = beta expected risk premium in the market

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