Rl rotation - avl tree, Data Structure & Algorithms

Example: (Double left rotation while a new node is added into the AVL tree (RL rotation))

2036_RL rotation - Avl tree.png

Figure: Double left rotation when a new node is inserted into the AVL tree

A node was added into the subtree C, making the tree off balance through 2 at the root. First we make a right rotation around the node 9, placing the C sub tree in the left child of 9.

Then a left rotation about the root brings node 9 (together its children) up a level and subtree A is pushed down a level (together node 7). Consequently we get correct AVL tree equal balance.

An AVL tree can be represented through the given structure:

struct avl


struct node *left;

int info;

int bf;

struct node *right;


bf is the balance factor, info is the value into the node.

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