Reagent for determination of blood glucose by nelson somogyi, Biology

Define Reagent for Determination of Blood Glucose by Nelson Somogyi?

1. Alkaline copper reagent

a) Dissolve 15 g of sodium potassium tartarate and 30 g of anhydrous Na2 CO3 in about 300 ml of water. Add 20 g NaHCO3 . Dissolve 180 g of anhydrous Na2 SO4 in 500 ml of boiling water and cool. Mix the two solutions and make up to 1Litre with water.

b) Dissolve 5 g CuSO4 .5H2 O and 45 g anhydrous Na2 SO4 in H2 O and make upto 250 ml. c)Mix reagents A (4 vol) and B (1 vol) just before use.

2. Dissolve 25 g ammonium molybdate in 450 ml water. Carefully add 21 ml concentrated H2 SO4 with stirring. Dissolve 3 g Na2 HAsO4 .7H2 O in 25 ml water and add to ammonium molybdate solution. Incubate at 37° C and store.

3. Sodium sulphate copper-copper sulphate solution-13.2 g of anhydrous sodium sulphate and 6 g of copper sulphate in 1 litre of water

4. Stock standard - 1mg glucose/ml of isotonic sodium sulphate- copper sulphate solution.

5. Working standard solution-Dilute the stock standard (1 ml and 2.5 ml) to 100 ml with isotonic solution.

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