qualitative analysis of acidic radicals, Chemistry

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Types of chromatography- purification of organic compounds, Types of chroma...

Types of chromatography- Purification of organic compounds Depending on the nature of the stationary and the mobile phases, the different types of chromatographic methods gener

Sublimation - purification of organic compounds, Sublimation - Purification...

Sublimation - Purification of organic compounds Specific organic solids on heating directly change from solid to vapour state without passing via a liquid state, such types of

Semisynthetic polymers - classification of polymers, Semisynthetic polymers...

Semisynthetic polymers These polymers are mainly derived from naturally taking place polymers by chemical changes. Since cellulose is naturally taking place polymers, cellulose

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Q. Halides of Boron and Aluminium? All the elements of Group 13 form binary halides. All the four trihalides of each element are known, with one exception. The compound Tl13 is

Organic, chain shortening in aldoses

chain shortening in aldoses

What is the packet of energy called, What is the packet of energy called: ...

What is the packet of energy called: (1) Electron          (2) Photon    (3) Positron                 (4)Proton Ans:  Photon

Polyhydroxy butyrate or phb, Polyhydroxy butyrate (PHB) Polyhydroxy but...

Polyhydroxy butyrate (PHB) Polyhydroxy butyrate or PHB is acquired from hydroxy butyric acid (3-hydroxy butanoic acid)

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