Painting and drawing tools in multimedia, Computer Graphics


Painting and Drawing Tools

Painting software is offered to producing crafted bitmapped images. Drawing software as Corel Draw and Canvas is offered to generating vector depend line art easily printed to paper by using Postscript or the other page mark up system as Quick Draw.

Main features or criteria for selection are as:

  • Intuitive graphical interface along with pull down menus, palette control, status bars and dialog boxes for rapid logical selection.
  • Scalable dimensions for resizing, distorting and stretching.
  • Paint tools to make geometric shapes.
  • Capability to pour a colour, gradient or pattern.
  • Capability to paint along with patterns and clip arts.
  • Customizable pen and brush sizes and shape.
  • For colour sampling, eyedropper tools.
  • Auto trace tool for converting bitmapped images into vector based outlines.
  • Multiple undoes abilities.
  • Support for scalable text fonts.
  • Painting features along with anti-aliasing, masking, color washing, air brushing, blending etc.
  • Support for third party particular effects.
  • Object and layering abilities.
  • Zooming for magnified pixel editing.
  • All general colour depths.
  • Good file importing and exporting abilities.
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