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Q. Multi-link connection in a network of register?

For a multi-link connection in a network of register- controlled exchanges, a register in originating exchange receives address information from calling customer and sends out routing digits. Every succeeding register both sends and receives out routing digits, until terminating exchange is reached. This sequence of operation introduces post-dialing delay. An inter-register signaling system can't be used for seize, answer and clear signals. No register is connected when an incoming seize signal is received, as it is the signal that initiate a connection to a register. The register is released after it has set up a connection through its exchange and sent out routing digits; thus it can't receive answer and clear signals. Either in-bloc or overlap signaling may be used. In en-bloc signaling, complete address information is transferred from one register to the next as signal string of digit. Hence no signal is sent out until the complete address information has been received. In overlap signaling, digits are sent out as quickly as possible. So some digits may be sent before the complete address has been received and signaling may take place before complete address has been received and signaling may take place simultaneously on two links (i.e. signal overlap). The enables subsequent registers to start digit to analyses earlier than is possible with en-bloc signaling and this reduces post-dialing delay. Either link-bylink signaling or end-to-end signaling may be used. In link-by-link signaling, information exchange only between adjacent registers in a multi-link connection as displayed in figure. In end-to-end signaling, originating register controls the setting up of a connection till it reaches its final destination, as displayed in figure. Every transit register receives only the address information required to select outgoing route to the next exchange in the connection. Having performed its task, it's released and originating register signals to the next register.

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