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   A burglar alarm system is controlled by a microprocessor system. The system has three independent circuit each consisting of 7 passive infra red sensors. The controller can be programmed to activate individual circuits and detect which passive has raised the alarm. Write a C program to control the system.

    Variable char a contains the passive details of circuit 1
    Variable char b contains the passive details of circuit 2
    Variable char c contains the passive details of circuit 3
The variable a/b/c is coded such that if the sensor is activated then its corresponding bit is set to 1 else it is 0. The bit format is bit 0 Lsb sensor and bit 6 Msb sensors. The program should initial run from a menu which enables various circuits to be turned on/off , a reset password to be set,a special simulation where a/b/c are entered from keyboard (test) and a system set . The program should display the state of the passives (active or non-active)  and if the alarm is raised  an audible alarm should be heard , the  set passive and an access code be requested to reset the system.

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