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Unlike C++, other programming languages have associative arrays that allow array indices to be strings instead of just integers. You are to create a template class, SVector, that implements a constructor, push_back, [], and pop_back, with STL strings as indices. push_back() takes two parameters, first the index string, and second the value stored. You will store the value in an STL vector, and use an STL map to provide a mapping between the STL string indices and their corresponding integer indices. Since the map will always contain a string and int you should typedef it.

1. main(). Your main() will be quite long because it is the only function in main.cpp. 1.1. All exceptions should be caught and reported in main() relying on printing the value returned by what().

1.2. You must specify the exact exception you are catching, and may not use the elipse (...) in your catch.

1.3. You should declare a pointer to a SVector of type so that you can call its constructor within a try-catch statement and still have scope for the whole main function.


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