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JPEG Graphics: Another graphic file format usually utilized on the Web to minimize graphics file sizes is the Joint Photographic Experts Group that is JPEG compression scheme. Not like, GIF graphics, JPEG images are full-colour images as 24 bit or "true color". JPEG images determine great acceptability between photographers, graphic designers, artists, art historians, medical imaging experts and other groups for whom image quality is paramount and where colour fidelity cannot be compromised.

JPEG compression uses a complicated mathematical technique termed as a discrete cosine transformation to create a sliding scale of graphics compression. The degree of compression can be selected but this is inversely proportional to image. The more you press an image along with JPEG compression, the more you degrade its feature.

JPEG can attain incredible compression ratios up to as 1:100.

This is possible since the JPEG algorithm discards "unnecessary" data like it compresses the image and it is so termed as a "lossy" compression technique.

Notice in the illustration below, how increasing the JPEG compression progressively degrades the details of the picture:

2090_orignal image.png

The other illustration of JPEG compression is demonstrated below. Remember that, the extensive compression noise and distortions represent in the bottom dolphin; the download time stored is not worth the degrading of the pictures.

2490_Interlaced GIF.png

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