How can consent be vitiated in relation to contracts, Business Law and Ethics


(a) What are the essential elements for a valid contract as stipulated by article 1108 of the Civil Code (CCM)?

(b) How can consent be vitiated in relation to contracts?


(a) What do you understand by the term "stare decisis"?

(b) What, according to you, are the advantages of implementing such a system in a legal context?


Ashwin has been the recipient of a special monthly monetary grant as a high level sportsman for 2 years and he is now aggrieved of the recent decision of the Minister of Youth and Sports to stop the monetary grant allocated to all high level sportsman and sportswoman. However, Ashwin wishes first to be fully informed of all the possible remedies available to him before applying for judicial review. Advise Ashwin as to all possible remedies available under judicial review

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