Graphic file compression formats, Computer Graphics

Graphic File Compression Formats

Web graphics are by requirement compressed due to the bandwidth issues surrounding networked delivery of information and since image files include so much information. File format is the exact format wherein the image is saved. The format is known by the three-letter extension at the end of the file name. Each format has its own disadvantages, characteristics and advantages. By explain the file format it may be possible to find out the number of pixels and additional information. All file formats will have a reference to the numbers of bits per pixel which the format is able of supporting

  • 1 bit per pixel refers to an image along with 2 colours
  • 4 bit per pixel refers to an image along with up to 16 colours
  • The same 24 bits per pixel refers to 16,777,216 colours

Various graphic file formats employ varying compression schemes and several are designed to work better than others for definite types of graphics. The two primary Web file formats are JPEG and GIF.


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