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mixing ratio of different type of ready mix concrete.(RMC)

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Calculation of crack widths arising from thermal movement, Q. Calculation o...

Q. Calculation of crack widths arising from thermal movement In the calculation of thermal movement, the below formula is used in most codes: w max =s x a x (T 1 +T 2 )/2

Explain the term - uniaxial - biaxial -triaxial prestressing, Explain the t...

Explain the term - Uniaxial - Biaxial -Triaxial Prestressing These terms refer to cases when the concrete is prestressed in only one direction, in two mutually perpendicular di

Foundation recommendation, what are the necessary data required for foundat...

what are the necessary data required for foundation recommendation other than SPT value ? why can''t we go for SPT value alone?

Importance of tendons in post-tensioned members, Importance of Tendons in p...

Importance of Tendons in post-tensioned members Tendons in post-tensioned members are subjected to different amounts of stresses (among themselves) due to following reasons.

Explain the dry density and buoyant unit weight, A partially saturated soil...

A partially saturated soil from an earth fill has a natural water content of 19% and a bulk unit weight of 19.33 kN/m 3 . Suppose the specific gravity of soil solids as 2.7, comput

Common defects - bituminous roads, Common defects - bituminous roads: ...

Common defects - bituminous roads: Cracks can be filled with a bitumen emulsion. Wide cracks can be filled with premix sand asphalt. If an overlay is to be laid on a cracke

Main advantages of using rubber dams, Question In assortment of dams in...

Question In assortment of dams in drainage channels, what are the main advantages of using rubber dams instead of steel-gate dams ? Answer Key Advantages of rubber d

Surveying, Explain about reciprocal ranging

Explain about reciprocal ranging

Determine the final volume of the compacted soil, 30,000-yd 3 of banked so...

30,000-yd 3 of banked soil from a borrow pit is stockpiled before being trucked to the jobsite.  The soil has 28% swell and shrinkage of 18%.  The final volume of the compacted so

Define the term - clamp splice, Define the term - Clamp splice In a Cla...

Define the term - Clamp splice In a Clamp splice, bolts and nuts alongwith clamp plates are used. Tendons are held in-between the clamp plates and these clamp plates are tighte

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