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You have successfully recruited a call centre manager who fulfils are the criteria established in the job evaluation process. You are required to induct this call centre person. Your company has a very specific way of supervising, delegating and providing feedback to staff. Your task is to explain the process your company follows when supervising, delegating and providing feedback to staff. In your response, include the relevance of EQ and SQ in the process of supervision, delegation and providing feedback. You are also required to argue the advantages of following this approach as opposed to other approaches.

Critically explain the fundamental principles of performance management and the performance methods available. How would you ensure that the newly appointed call centre manager is appraised in a way that is relevant, sensitive, acceptable, practical and free from interfering factors? Examine the different ways in which this newly appointed call centre manager can be compensated and design a compensation plan to ensure this person is fairly compensated.

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