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Q. Explain Working of TELNET?

The working of TELNET

1.  Commands and characters are sent to operating system on common server computer.

2.  Local operating system sends these commands and characters to a TELNET client program, which is located on same local computer.

3.  TELNET client transforms the characters entered by the user to an agreed format termed as Network Virtual Terminal (NVT) characters and sends them to TCP/IP protocol stack of the server computer. NVT is a common device between the server and client.

4.  Commands and text are first broken into TCP and then IP packets and are sent across physical medium from the local client computer to server.

5.  At server computer's end, TCP/IP software collects all the IP packets, verifies their correctness and reconstructs the original command and handover the commands or text to that computer operating system.

6.  Operating system of the server computer hands over these commands or text to TELNET server program, which is executing on that remote computer.

7.  TELNET server program on the remote server computer then transforms commands or text from the NVT format to the format understood by the remote computer. TELNET can't directly handover the commands or text to operating system so TELNET hands over commands/text to the Pseudo-terminal driver.

8.  Pseudo-terminal driver program then hands over the commands or text to operating system of the remote computer, which then invokes application program on remote server.

The working of TELNET is extremely simple. Assume you are working as a faculty member of Expertsminds online tutoring faculty staff. You have a typical account FACULTY-1 on the Expertsminds computer, which is one of the hosts of Internet. You are selected for academic exchange scholarship to USA. You will get a user account in U.S.A. Though, all your colleagues know only your Expertsmind account. So, using Telnet you can always log on to your account in any country for mail your papers for using programs etc.

There are numerous databases available on the Internet. You can explore these databases by using Telnet. There are going to be several Internet services yet to be created. Each year and better means of accessing treasures of the Internet is appearing in which Telnet is key for accessing.

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