Explain what is fern allies - lycopophyta, Biology

Explain what is Fern Allies - Lycopophyta ?

Fern allies are those groups of vascular (with conducting vessels) plants that have close ties to the ferns. Sometimes they are referred to as the seedless vascular plants. What they have in common are primitive spores and very small gametophyte generations, which alternate with larger sporophyte generations. The groups making up the seedless vascular plants consist of the Psilophyta (whisk ferns), the Lycophyta (club mosses, or ground pines), the Sphenophyta (horsetails), and the Pterophyta (ferns).

The Lycophyta are typified by the genus Lycopodium. Lycopods are found in many different climates, their distribution ranging from the Arctic to the equator. They often form the dense ground cover on the forest floor, and in fact, are often found growing as "epiphytes." An epiphyte is a plant that uses another plant as its growing surface or platform. Well-known examples of epiphytes would be mosses or lichens, which grow on the trunks of trees. Lycopods are known by many different common names, among them are princess pine, ground pine, and club moss. They are often found with stalked strobili, which bear clusters of sporangia.

Some people gather princess pine plants and weave them into wreaths for wall decoration.



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