Explain the methodology of sequencing the activities, Project Management

Question 1

For an event manager, organizing an AGM would be a relatively 'dry' affair as the elements of entertainment, decoration and catering are missing in this event (some minimal snacks may be provided). But AGMs are profitable events to organize as they are attended by a large number of people and thus, economies of scale operate here. Elaborate on what an event manager will have to keep the in mind when organizing an AGM

Question 2

Activity scheduling entails identification and documentation of the relationships among the various tasks. Tasks can be sequentially placed in the proper order of relationships. Explain the methodology of sequencing the activities

Question 3

A budget can be defined as a calculated statement of plans (in other words, the plan is expressed in numerical terms). Budgets are specifically important to managing events as most facets of the event require payment prior to the revenue being earned. Cash flow requires special focus. Most funding or sponsorship organizations require a budget of the event prior to committing their resources. Write short notes on Constructing the budget

Question 4

Discuss what do the general public, traders exhibiting at the venue and contractors or vendors look for in an event website

Question 5

Discuss the various categories of costs incurred in event management

Question 6

Discuss how organizers of luxury events should make optimum use of media

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